12 February 2013

The Return of a Blogger

Greetings to all those who are passing by! I'm returning!!

I've been very busy over the past couple of years. Many changes have taken place in my life. Many changes have taken place in my walk with Christ too! Matter of fact, the changes in my walk is what is bringing me back to blogging.

God has called me into the ministry ... Women's Ministry. I think He may have something else in store down the road, but for now He wants me to work with women.  I struggled with Him each step of the way! "Why me?" "You have the wrong gal!" "I don't have the education." "You are completely crazy, God!!"  "Nope. Nada. Want nothing to do with ministry; I trip over my words."

Well, needless to say ... God won the argument. After a year of pushing the thoughts aside ... After a year or so of tuning out anyone who said "God's calling you into ministry" ... After much protest ... I ask God for one more person to say something. I didn't care how it was worded. All it would take would be the keywords of ministry, preaching, teaching. Within the hour, someone messaged me asking when I was I going to admit God is calling me to preach. I surrendered. 

However, I do not feel the call to preach as in pasturing a church. I do feel the call to reach out to the women in my church and in my community. There are so many women who are hurting on the inside. Women who are carrying around scares on the heart but can't be seen because they are so good at applying make up.  We can brandish a smile! We can laugh heartily! That's the outside. Inside? We are breaking apart.

I'd like to blog once a week. Blog about devotions I've read, the books I'm reading, insights from scripture. I will point out what I write can be wrong. I'm human! I'm on a journey of learning.  I'd love to learn with others!!

With that ... Feel free to throw me a welcome back party! I LOVE streamers!!

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