01 March 2014

The Challenge Ha Been Laid Down

The glove has been thrown down! Who can lose 15 pounds first? Vivian or her friend? (Will not use her name without permission!)

Okay. So what is this about? My friend, sister in Christ, and accountability partner in this journey to crave God more than food; mentioned to me she is a competitive person. When it's a game or a competition, she becomes motivated. Now, I am NOT a competitive person. When the game turns ugly and I see the "competitive person" is getting mad and upset, I remove myself. I don't like trash talk. I don't like seeing the ugly come out.  I have seen good Christian men and women act like the devil in the mist of a board game, sporting event. Makes a person question how in tune these folks are with the Holy Spirit! However, that is another blog post!! 

So, I got to thinking. I really love my friend. If a competition is what helps motivate her, then I am willing to do it! We both benefit because we are both encouraging each other to crave God more than food AND we both want to see each other succeed at losing the weight. 

So this past Wednesday, we texted each other our weights. The rule is whoever loses 15 pounds first sets the next challenge. There's no time. Meaning if it takes 3 months for the 1st one to lose 15 pounds, that's ok. If it is a month, that's ok. (I have found the first 5 to 15 is water!  The less sodium intake the more water the body releases.) The key element is to draw closer to God. The key reason is to become Jesus girls who God can use! 

Anyway, I have bitten the bullet, laid down the challenge and my sister has accepted! This is the week end for us and all prayers are appreciated! 

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