08 March 2013


The past week and a half has proven a struggle. It's all physical too!  When a gal feels bad, she doesn't "feel" like doing much of anything else.  When the ole head is roaring and hurting, just don't "feel" like praying, reading the Bible, NOR anything else. 

That's ok to have days like that!  When the body is weak, it is more difficult to focus, complete even the task we have memorized by heart.  Just remember God will see you through! It doesn't last forever.  Some illnesses do seem like they do. 

Even though I didn't "feel" like praying, I did pray. After doing so, I felt lifted. Even though I was still sick, my spirit didn't feel sick. 

So, I'd like to encourage you to talk to the Father, Who is the Healer, even when the head is roaring, the body is weak. He will be your strength!

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