22 March 2013

What Does the Cross Mean to Me?

This past Sunday, our Sunday School teacher asked us to prepare a paragraph about what the cross means to us.

I've put some thought into this! Why? Doesn't it mean I'm free from sin? Well ... yeah ... but it's more.
When I stop to think about the cross and what it means to me, when I really survey what took place, I realize how shallow my thoughts have been. A long time ago, Satan tricked a woman into believing God was holding out on her. For a time, Satan tricked this woman too!  He told me all kinds of things!! "If it feels good to do, then it must bee good to do!" "If it taste good, then you should enjoy the foods and drinks that bring you pleasure."  "God of love? Really? If He's so loving, why would He allow this or that to take place? Why would He deny you good things?"  Back in the Garden, after Eve was tricked and Adam disobeyed, God ordered them out. He placed an angel with a flaming sword to guard the Tree of Life.  Banished from the Garden. Banished from God's presence. The Tree of Life off limits! Then came Jesus!! He stepped down from His throne in Heaven. He gave up Power to be a helpless babe. He gave up glory to be the son of two poor folk.  He came to bridge the gap between me and God.  When the Jewish leaders tried Him and handed Him over to the Romans and then the Romans nailed Him to the cross, the angel guarding the Tree of Life was relieved from duty! The cross is the Tree of Life! The cross is the place of decision! The cross is the place where Satan's words are revealed for what they are: LIES! God's love is revealed and eternal life offered!! The cross is the battle ground for my soul! The cross is where God paid for my life and won the rights to me! It where I'm allowed to choose between God's love or Satan's lies.  That is humbling!

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