28 January 2014

THIS IS HARD! Denying the Crave

Right now, I really ... really want something to eat!  My stomach isn't yelling at me but my senses are ... We watched Touched By An Angel tonight.  LOVE Della Reese! Roma Downing! Anyway, when I watch television for whatever reason in the realm of pure entertainment, I eat a snack. So, tonight, I ate an apple or two. That should have did the trick, right? Nope! My tongue is use to the that popcorn stuff.  Something sweet and chocolatey. And I denied myself that craving.  I ate an apple.

You see, I'm not hungry! It's habit.  I feel full!  It's habit.  My body is use to demanding something and me responding.  I have to train myself to say "no" to its demands.

So, here I am ... blogging.  Rambling about denying this crave.  You know what? It's starting to lower ... starting to fade. I just needed to wait and do something else to take my mind off it.  Give it time to pass.

Well ... y'all may see a lot of these! LOL

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