01 October 2013

Addressing My Mountain

One of the things I've learned in the JOY study is there is no "right" way to pray. A certain "magic" wording, correct posture. The 4 Steps of Prayer is just a guide! I say this because this one takes us away from the 4 Steps! It won't end with an "Amen" either! :) 

Father, today I do not bring before You my mountain of problems. I bring You to my mountains! You are my God and I desire to proclaim who You are to ALL this craziness the enemy throws at me!

Listen to me, Depression and Anxiety, my God IS in control! Neither of you can bog my mind down with worry and threats! You maybe a chemical imbalance but you don't own me! Listen to me, "I cants", you're right! I can't do anything on my own! But I'm NOT on my own! I have Jesus! I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength!

God, I will cling to Your promises! I will say to illness, tornadoes, and thieves: "you can rob, kill, and destroy BUT all is well for my God is with me and will give me what I need to see this life through!" You have never abandoned me! You have always been with me and will be with me to the end. When the end of my life comes, You'll still be with me! You are Sovereign! You are Holy!  You are God and there is nothing this mountain can do to me for You are my Shield!

From Draw the Circle Day 14

On a personal note, my mountain is "trusting" God. I bet you are thinking "Vivian, why do you day you don't trust God?" It's not what I say but how I live! I'm a stress eater! I eat out if boredom! Anytime we rely on something else to calm us or to sooth us instead of taking it to God in prayer, that IS a trust issue! 

Shopping to relieve stress. Drinking alcohol to relieve stress. Venting on Facebook to relieve stress. Indulging in a chocolate binge to relieve stress. Whatever we turn to other than God speaks more about our trust in God than anything we can say with our mouth! So, my mountain is trust ... Trusting God instead of food. 

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