08 October 2013

Dear Mr President

Mr President Obama,

I seriously doubt you'll read this, but writing it makes me feel better. I'm a single mom. No health insurance and I don't want to buy any from the government. You say if I don't get some kind of insurance then I'll have to pay a penalty. Well ... Penalize me then! The Affordable Care Act plans I can "afford" DO NOT COVER THE LOCAL HOSPITALS IN BOWLING GREEN, KY!

Drop the penalty. You blame Congress for the shut down. So do I ... Just NOT THIS Congress! I blame the Congress who railroaded your Affordable Care Act into being passed! I blame the Supreme Court for saying this tax is Constitutional! It's not!! It's NOT Constitutional! Our forefathers fought over taxes on tea and stamps for goodness sake! They would revolt against this tyranny!

I don't qualify for Medicaid because of my daughter's SSI check. She's Autistic. Her SSI is for her NOT for me! I can't use her check to buy my insurance! What's wrong with you? One more thing before I close ... The qualifications go on the amount before the taxes come out of my check NOT my bring home pay that I actually have to live on! I only live off $900 to $1000 a month! 

Your Affordable Care Act is going to chock the very person you thought you were helping!

Before I close, I do qualify to receive $290/month to go toward insurance. We already owe China an arm and a leg! Where does this "$290/month" come from? 

Mr President, you AND ALL of Congress NEED to attend Dave Rampsey's classes! Hasn't anyone told you that you can't help people with money you don't have? 

I can do like I've always done without your Affordable Care Act. When I get sick, I go the the walk in clinic, give them my $60 or $80. The doctor examine me and gives me the prescription for what I need. I take it to Walmart and fill it for $4. Grant it, I do run a risk with the heart and major problems BUT at least I'm free! Free to run that risk! Plus, I'm not out a premium every month for insurance that isn't going to help me anyway. Seriously! The "affordable" insurance policies don't do any more than what I described I do when I run a fever. 

Signed ... Government Contract Employee

Dear Congress ... Hold out for the changes in ObamaCare! Get that penalty dropped!!


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