10 October 2013


Those who are "Dr Who" fans may think I'm blogging about that alien fellow who can time hop. Nope ... God IS the Time LORD! He can be in the past, present, and future ALL at the same time! But that's not what this post is about either ...

As I study "A Balanced Life" by Mary Southerland, God is showing me how I don't spend enough time with Him. He is kinda picky about this sort of thing! He wants me to spend time with Him! Kinda like scheduling a date! Mary writes in Week 3 Day 1 "Choosing to sit at the feet of Jesus requires decisive planning, purposeful scheduling, and a willful determination. Every day, God wants relationship building time with us, which means that time at His feet and in His presence must be our highest priority." So, it's very much like a date! Makes me wonder if we spent more time dating God if we'd have fewer failed marriages ... Just think! If both the man and the woman are scheduling "dates" with God and learning how to build that relationship, how that "relationship building" skill would carry over into marriages, friendships, work place relationships, parent/child ... The list is endless of relationship combinations! The key is choosing, planning, and follow through on time with God!!

Anyway ... There's way more insight here! I wanna share what God is doing in me. However, it will have to wait till later!

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