16 October 2013

Much to THINK On!

I've been silent for a few days :) I have a lot to THINK on! 

You know ... I don't know why I didn't dive into God's Word sooner! I don't know why I didn't desire to learn to pray "continuously" sooner! As I read Mark Batterson's Draw the Circle 40 Day Prayer Challenge with my home church family, as I read Mary Southerland's "A Balanced Life" study, and work on Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study A Confident Heart by Renee Swope ... I'm realizing I don't have time for TV! LOL I don't have time for the things I use to do. Those were the things that robbed my time from God!

Know what the funny thing is? ALL 3 affirm each other! God never ceases to amaze me like that!! I love how His Holy Spirit moves His people to write, sing, preach on things that are similar. Here's the thing, they do it at different times BUT He then lands ALL this material in my lap when He wants to tell me something! That just BLOWS my mind!

I posted this on Facebook and its a good example of what I'm referring to:

"So many times we go through the motions, doing the same things over and over again, hoping something will change. Few of us realize that this repetition is the definition of insanity.” #AConfidentHeart #PerfectLove

"If you want God to do something new, you cannot keep doing the same old thing."#drawthecircle #day29

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