21 October 2013

In Need of a Vacation

My pastor is always saying vacations are needed. He's right!

Vacations are needed to ...

Refresh the body.
Refresh the mind.
Refresh the soul.

I'm in TERRIBLE need of this refreshment! So are my kids. The biggest issue is money. So, I'm circling this in prayer! It is my prayer we'll be able to go somewhere soon. 

Sometimes a stay-cation is good. Not for me. When I'm at home, there's work to be done. There's this to be done and that to be done. I'm in need of a TRUE rest! To be off from work without feeling guilty about sitting around doing absolutely nothing. And I need a change of scenery.  A place that inspire me and renew me.  A place to get alone with God ...

Know where I'd LOVE to go? The mountains! I'd love to go to the mountains. Right here at Fall with all the leaves changing colors ... Where the lakes reflect the Autumn colored sky!

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