11 October 2013

The Way the Day Begins

My mornings are no longer my own.  They haven't been my own for a LONG time!  I LOVE mornings! Or at least I use to.  When my son and I changed bedrooms about 3 years ago, I lost my mornings.  He and my mother shared a bedroom.  Each time I brought up the subject that my son and I should change rooms, she didn't like it. I'm not sure why.  It made more sense for her and me to share.  For the record, it's a HUGE room and holds two beds.  So, one week end while she was gone, we switched rooms.  I lost my space.  He gained space.  It was more important for a growing boy to have his own personal, private space than it was for me.  What I lost was my precious, treasured quiet mornings. To adjust for loosing quiet time, I began waking up earlier.  On occasion, I only have 10 minutes.  For some reason, my elderly 77 year old mother thinks she has a LOT of work to do and needs to arise by 5 AM but sometimes she'll arise at 4:40 AM.  Comes in the living room, turns on the TV and steals my quiet time.  Have you ever noticed how sounds seem louder in the mornings?  I HATE the TV being on at 4:45 AM!  I hate it on anytime before 6 AM. Its just so loud!  Most of the time I do have from 4:30 to 5 AM and those days always start better!

Then I began writing prayers for the Prayer Squad.  Now you are thinking .. "That's spending time with God..." Well, yes ... and no ...  The "yes" is I study and write the prayer.  The "no" part is I have to spend 20 minutes writing the text!  It's not like getting on the computer and typing something with a full keyboard using all 10 fingers!  It is very, very time consuming.  It's not so bad if there is actual interaction! There hasn't been.  There are a few ladies who do interact with me.  The whole point is for us to learn to pray together, grow together, and become a group of praying women.  Which means, as I share with them, they are suppose to share with me and each other.  Because that interaction isn't there, I feel like my time with God is being robbed!

Believe it or not, fellowship with other believers ... Sharing of lives and discussing God and what He's doing in our lives with one another IS a way to sit at the feet of Jesus! 

So, Mary states at the end of the Week 3 Day 2 "Think about the way you begin each day".  I start out texting the "prayer" and then my mother interrupts by turning on the TV.  I don't have any time alone with my Father. :(  I HATE IT!! I'm typing this at the very time but since this is reflection and part of the study, I feel it goes hand in hand. 

I don't feel I should give up on the prayer squad BUT it needs to be revamped!  Either a short quick prayer OR  it needs to become an Email where it can be typed easier and require interaction.  I'm praying about it!

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