24 October 2013

Unfailing Love

You, O LORD, have been my Shield!
There are times when You have protected me from my own stupidity!
You have guarded me around every turn,
And guided me in the direction You desire me to go.
Even when I chose a path that made You sad,
Your Spirit gently brought me back to Your path!

At my low point,
You blessed me with Your Presence!
When I chose to do something shameful,
You loved me anyway!
I broke Your heart into
But You spared me the agony and didn't hold it against me!
You asked me "Why?"
But You know the answer ...
You knew I needed to be wanted, loved, and desired!

You are my Lover!
You poured out every ounce of Yourself
To draw me to You!
You have shared parts of Your mysteries
So I'd trust You with my heart.
You spoke to me with such tenderness
That I couldn't no longer avoid yielding to Your
   Kind affection.

You never gave up on me!

Jesus ... You are Unfailing Love!


  1. Vivian that was lovely. Thank you so much for sharing this poem.

  2. Love this!
    Carla Pollard - P31 OBS Group Leader