08 October 2013

Get Ready? Or Not Get Ready?

Know how Paul writes about one thing and James writes about another? Then over the centuries people have argued one view verses the other. However, when reading Paul's writings on faith and James' writings on works (or is that vise versa?) in full context, we discover both men are saying the same thing? Faith and Works go hand in hand!

Well, the same thing is happening in two devotionals I'm reading!! LOL  In Mark Batterson's book he writes "You'll never be ready" (Day 20).  In Sharon Jaynes devotional "Got Dreams? Do the Work", she says "Get Ready".  Guess what! Both are right! You see, if I only read a line or two in each devotional, these two God-inspired modern day Paul and James would sound like they are contradicting each other. When I read both in full context, they are both saying the same thing.

Batterson is saying once you have the God given vision, step out in faith. Take that first step. If we wait for the "25 year plan" we'll never accomplish what God's vision for us and we'll never be ready ...  Jaynes is saying once we have been giving the vision start preparing for the vision, get ready by taking steps that will aide in completing that vision.

"You'll never be ready" -- Batterson's view is from the point of when God calls us to do something this is an excuse we make "I'm not ready!" :: I don't have the education, I don't have experience, I'm not a public speaker, I can't do this because .... So that' the type of "ready" he is referring to! If we wait till we are "qualified" we'll never do what God is calling us to do.

"Get ready" -- Jayes view on "ready" is God has given a vision, planted a dream.  There are things we can do to prepare for the fulfillment of that dream.  She used the example of writing her book for mothers.  How she had this dream to write this particular type of book.  She prepared for it by collecting magazine articles, visiting moms groups, researching, speaking at conferences, then the day came when someone asked her about a book project. She was ready! She didn't have to scramble to put the material together, it was together!

Oh, so what is God telling Vivian? You see ... "Ready" has come across me twice this week!  God must be saying something ... Right?  Well, OF COURSE! Now, I need to figure out what I'm suppose to be doing about the dream He gave me ... I know some of it just not sure what the next step is ... I did the first couple of steps but this 3rd one is confusing.  While trying to figure it out, I study books written by women in ministry and devotionals. Look at studies by men in ministry.  There's a line. Does God want me in Women's Ministry full time OR Compassion Ministry.  I LOVE both! So, prepare for both so I'll be ready for either one. :)

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