18 October 2013

Mind Battle

My weakness is always my head! The truth that the enemy twist. Here is what is going on today that I'm battling.

My church is doing VIP visits. Vision Information Prayer (I think "I" stands for information maybe it's informing).  Everyone in church is suppose to get a visit including the teams doing the visits. Wednesday I learn the team who has my mother can't come visit. I understand why. Older ladies. Health issues. Sight issues. However, they also have my name! DUH! Mom and I live together! I also know these ladies travel anywhere else they want to go. If they really WANT to go somewhere they hop in their cars and go.

I was told "Maybe they think they'll catch you at church ..."

Uh ... No! Church IS the WORST place to catch me! I'm way to busy AT church to sit down and "talk" PLUS I enjoy going home. I like to get home and stay home.

So here's what Im battling this morning:

"If it is to far for them to drive to your home and visit you, isn't it too far for you to drive to church?"

You see, there is some truth to this! It's NOT the whole truth. This is where the enemy knows I'm the weakest. Feeling connected, like I matter to someone. The ole devil has taken aim right at the mind's processor. 

The reason I'm sharing is because when we share our struggle we bring it into the light and that robs the enemy of his small victories. As long as we are alone in our struggle, he thinks he has us where he wants us. Once we info others "hey, pray! I'm fighting _____", we bring others in on the fight! Strength in numbers! 

Pray for me! One more request ... How can I pray for you? What are you struggling with today? What seems to be a reoccurring struggle? If you don't feel comfortable posting public, shoot me an Email to nuttin2pursonal@yahoo.com 

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