26 September 2013

Crazy Faith

God, You don't care about protocol! You baffle the minds by honoring people who take desperate measures to get to You! You are amazing!
Father, I want this crazy faith! I don't want people to think I'm sane. Being nuts about You is all that matters in this life. (I think people at work already think I'm crazy. Over the next few days, what will be will be. If I'm out of work a few days or weeks or months that is ok. It is all in Your hands. Its the same "scare" this time every year! What's the point in worrying? If the Government shuts down, You don't shut down. You are eternal! Father, I just know I'll need that faith to be a little bit more radical crazy!)
Jesus, thanks for the peace You give!
Father, in the name of our King Jesus, we come before You with confidence! Confidence that You are at work in ___'s life! May __ grow in You and You teach him/her about You in ways that only You can reach his/her heart and mind! (Switch names) Father, we circle ___ for his/her salvation. ___ is making choice displeasing to You and we know time is short. Jesus, please speed Your 4th day up!  Pursue ___ as if You are coming to set Your Kingdom up today! Send Your Spirit after him/her and don't let up on this "hot pursuit"! Not even You know when You are coming, Jesus, only the Father knows! We are circling for a divine intervention in ___'s life!  In Your name we pray this will be done because it is Your will no one perishes. Amen
Day 10 in Draw the Circle -- Crazy Faith

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