25 September 2013

Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday Prayers

I'm a little behind this week!  My head has felt like a "ton of bricks"! The most recent prayer will be first (Wednesday's Prayer).  We are doing the Draw the Circle ... 40 Day Prayer Challenge by Mark Batterson.  The prayers will take "that" focus.

Wednesday 9/25/2013

(Change the underlined statement in the 4th paragraph to your personal dream! Feel free to share or not share yours.)
God of all Inspiration, You are Good and desire good things for us!
May I take every thought captive and make it obedient to You! Give me the ability to make each thought obedient to You, Lord Jesus.
I thank You, Lord, for this day. I thank You for the trust I have in You. Trust isn't something easy BUT You have proven Yourself to me over and over. Thank You for another day to walk with You and for the chance to tell someone one about Your faithfulness!
Each of us has a dream. (Mine is a house. A 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, living room, kitchen, & utility room that is above the water run off.)  But I also have a spiritual dream!  I dream and long for the day ___ comes to know You, Jesus, as his/her Savior.  I dream and long for the day ___ declares You Lord of his/her life!  And I will ask, seek, knock, and circle as long as it takes!  I join my sisters circling the names they are lifting to You!  I also join them in circling their personal dreams!  Whatever they dream, I lift before You as well, Father. As always, we desire Your will.  We desire Your will in our lives. Amen
Day 9 in Draw the Circle
Tuesday 9/24/2013
God, the star breather, You are the VERY BIG God!
God, do I really believe You are THAT big? Do I really trust You? Jesus what am I holding onto that You want me to let go of? You and I have been through some tight spots together. Surely I trust You by now! I thought I'd ask You this today. My ole Friend, through thick and thin we've come. So, I ask You to search me. Test my faith to prove You true again and again, not for my benefit but for others to see! May I be a living testimony of Your faithfulness! Just let me jump in Your arms and let me squeeze Your neck tight. I'm no fool! I know You'll answer this request and I wanna be ready ...
Thank You for being the Source of my strength! Thank You for not abandoning me when I make choices that put me in tight situations. You don't always rescue me BUT You do stick with me growing me in You! Thank You!
Father, I don't always know what to pray nor how to pray for __ but that is ok! You know ___'s need! As long as it takes, we'll bring ___ to You! You the faithful, consistent God! May ___ come to know You as his/her God! May ___ come to know You as his/her God! We pray in the name of Jesus Your will be done! Amen
Day 8 in Draw the Circle 
Monday 9/23/2013

Today's prayer will have 3 blanks for 3 different names. Of course you can pray for as many as you like! Think of 1 lost person, 1 person who is good at posing a Christian walk (or a person who is "on the fence"), 1 person who is saved. When you reach that part of the prayer, this will make more sense!

Dear Jesus, You are the true Circle Maker! You, the Word of God, spoke the planets in to orbit around the sun! You have circled us from the moment You decided to create us!

Thank You for circling me! Thank You for never giving up on me!

Jesus, forgive me for telling You how to save people, when to save people, and for becoming frustrated with You when You don't do it my way! Help me to remember four things: 1) You are in control 2) You gave each of us free will to choose right from wrong AND to choose You or not 3) It's my job to pray to You for as long as it takes 4) It's the Holy Spirit's job to work on and within people. (I'm sure there is more Jesus needs to help me remember!)

Jesus, people matter to You! The lost matter to You! The posers matter to You! Even those who are safe in the sheep pin matter to You! Jesus, may we not give upon ___, ____, and ____! You love sinner, poser, and saint all the exact same! We are each made in Your image and its not Your desire for anyone of us to perish! In Your name, we lift up ___, ___, and ___. We pray God's will be done in their lives. Amen

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  1. I got behind due to illness but it was a pleasure to be here again today. Thank you for the birthday wishes.