09 July 2013

Getting to Know God

Several months ago, we started a group through Moms In Prayer International. Moms coming together to pray for our children and schools. It's not limited to just moms! Grandmothers, aunts, sisters. And it's not limited to K thru 12! There are moms praying for their college kids, moms praying for their children with careers. There are even groups of mothers who pray for their children who are in prison. For more details about groups in your particular area, visit www.momsinprayer.org.

Like, I said, we (as in my church) started a Moms In Prayer group. I signed up to receive daily prayers using scripture verses via Email. I'd then text them to my BFF! From that, The Prayer Squad was formed!  Other ladies wanted to learn to pray scripture using the Four Steps of Prayer guide (Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Intercession/Petition).  What started out as just a quick text with one verse turned into full length prayers! We went from 2 of us sharing to 13!!

By praying the same prayer, we are joining together and praying in unity. Even though we are in separate areas (there is one in another state), we are still uniting in God's Holy Spirit praying His will. Praying scriptures ensures we are praying according to God's will!

Praying scriptures is not the only way to pray! Please don't think this is a 100% right way to pray. However, it is a great way to dive into God's Word and learn who He is and what He desires. 

This week we are working on God's character: Love. God's love is AMAZING! We never really understand what love is until we take time to know God. I mean really know God. How do you get to know someone? Well, you talk to them right? Call the person on the phone. Shoot him/her a text. Stalk that person on Facebook. You engage with that person in some form or fashion. That is how you can get to know God!  Talk to Him! Stalk Him! Write Him a quick note ... Yes, it is ok to write God a note even if you throw it away or keep it in a journal.

Stalk God? "How does a person stalk God?" you ask. Well. It's like this ... Read the Bible. Sing Songs of Praise. Read books on Bible Studies. Find a good devotional (good as in it catches your attention!) to read daily. Attend worship services. Go to concerts of your favorite God praise, singing freak! (I'd love to hear 10th Ave North and Kutless in concert!) Attend conferences that are God centered. Find a good Bible study, Small Group, L.I.F.E group to join.  Have coffee or coke with a BFF who loves God too and chit chat about what He's doing. Be on the look out for God everywhere you go! Do you see Him in the simplest things? Do you admire the sun, moon, and stars? The flowers, kittens, and trees? Trust me! There are MANY ways to stalk God! I've only named a few! 

Trust me ... unlike Hollywood's famous names, God won't turn away any fans! He enjoys being stalked!

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