11 July 2013

Tomorrow's Conclusion

Friday is always conclusion day. The conclusion of looking at an attribute, character, or name of God. The problem I'm having with this week's conclusion is ...

How can we conclude looking at God is Love? The subject alone is so VAST! To examine love in just 5 days is impossible! However, the main purpose of prayer isn't to get God to do anything, it is to change us. Change how we look at the world around us. Change how we view God.  Change our relationship with God! Prayer draws us into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. As we read His Word and talk to Him, something happens on the inside. A subtle change of perspective. A shift in priority.
I started posting these prayers for a couple of reasons. One to log them. Two to share them outside my group. Since praying scripture prayers, I've come to realize how shallow my prayer time with God had been up to January of this year.  That's not saying non-scripture prayers are shallow; I'm saying my prayers were shallow!  I know many prayer warriors who do not pray a scripture prayer who's prayers bring Heaven down to earth! Hence, the other reason to post ... to track my spiritual growth. To see where I am at and to see where God is taking me.
God is LOVE! Love is .... nothing like Hollywood paints it for us in the movies, nor the music industry sings about.  I'm sure "God is Love" will show up over the next few weeks too! Months. Years .... Yeah, there won't be a real conclusion tomorrow due to the fact God's love knows no end; His love is eternal.

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