14 August 2013

2 AM?

I'd like to say I'm not up at 2 AM!! I have figured out how to schedule a post!!! 

I'm so happy!

I schedule the prayer post because those are the ones I know what day they will go out on. I write them in advance on paper. Then two of the ladies receive them by Email and 10 receive them by text. When I first started, I was thinking of the prayer while sending the text. THAT was time consuming! I took a week off from the Prayer Squad and dove into studying 5 of God's attributes. I became so filled that week that I knew I had to plan the prayer in advance! I'm usually only a day or two out ahead but that's ok. 

I'm excited about tomorrow's prayer! And tomorrow is when by post for the blog hop will post too. I'm really enjoying this online Bible study thru Proverbs 31!

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