03 August 2013

"No Greater Love" the movie

I watched this movie today. I got it in the mail through Netflix. I'm going to buy it.

Jeff is a non-Christian man. He has been raising his son, Ethan, on his own for 10 years. Heather is the wife/mom who left. She was battling depression. She left when Ethan was 10 months old. While away, she meets Jesus through a woman who showed her compassion. 

Heather is a worker in her church. Ethan is one of the kids attending a "VBS" at the church. She doesn't know Ethan and he doesn't know her. As Jeff and his lady friend are leaving the program, Jeff and Heather see each other. And the journey begins!

Even though the Jeff character is a non-Christian, the character embodies a LOT of God's qualities. There's a twist in the plot. Jeff never filed for a divorce when Heather vanished! When he discovers the Bible loop hole of a believer is to remained married to the non-believer, he gets a little cocky. He wants his wife back! But then there's a shift. He only wants her if she truly wants to be with him out of love and not a Bible technicality. 

My favorite scene is Jeff talking to his friend. He says something like ... I don't want her coming back feeling shackled to me ... It's something like that. 

THAT is God! That is how God feels about us!! He loves us and wants us so much but He's not willing to force us to choose Him! He wants us to choose Him willingly. He wants us to know He desires our hearts, not just an automated "yes dear, whatever you say dear" machine. He doesn't want to shackle us to Him. He wants to be our wall of protection. He wants to defend us. He wants to bless us with His joy, peace, and provision. He doesn't want us to His slaves ... He wants us to be His children. 

I don't recommend anyone going through a divorce to watch this movie. It is just a movie! Not everyone gets a Christian fairy tale ending. I will say the story IS NOT beyond God's capability! No, God can do for people what happens in this movie. With that said, I don't want to spoil the movie's ending! 

It's well done! Jeff's character has duel roles as does Heather's. Role 1) Jeff represents God and Heather represents the wayward wife. Role 2) Jeff is the non-believer and Heather is the praying wife. 

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