15 August 2013

Vivian's #SayWhat

The first time a good friend of mine asked me "Vivian, what ministry is God calling you to do?" I looked at her and said "God calling me? No way!"  That was the beginning of something that isn't complete yet!

Over the course of a year or so, godly friends questioned me about God calling me into the ministry.  Now, I was like "The day God does that, the church will fall down!"  In my mind (at that time), I was thinking ministry meant minister or pastor or clergy.  To me, these people were nuts and I knew I didn't have what it would take for God to ask me to join in any thing, no longer join the "ministry".

Long story short, God cornered me twice. The most significant moment was at work.  I was entering the first floor ladies' restroom to clean it.  I felt this heavy presence.  I knew Who that was!  I had felt His strong Presence before when He claimed me as His daughter.  I knew the strength in this Presence.  I knew the purity in this Presence.  I knew the familiarity of this Presence.  God does speak audibly.  It's hard to explain.  It's not like everyone else can hear Him.  It's Him speaking in my heart's ear.  My spirit and His Spirit.  It's an inside audible Voice.  It's not ALL the time because He uses other venues (that's for another story!).  He made it clear He wanted me in the ministry.  I still wasn't convinced He had the right person.  So, I pulled a Gideon!  I laid a "fleece" out before God.  If this is really what You are wanting, sometime within the next hour if I hear these words or phrases 'Is God calling you to preach?" "Is God calling you into the ministry?" then I'll know beyond the shadow of doubt this is what You want. He said "Fair enough" and the heaviness of the Presence lifted. Well ... I posted on Facebook something that eluded to the fleece but not details as to what was going on.  It was an average post on Facebook that pretty much said "God is NUTS!!"  I didn't mention the Presence.  I didn't ministry. Nothing like that.  Most of my friends tried guessing what was going on but weren't in the ball park.  Within moments of the post and laughing at the guesses, I received a private message from a friend. "When are you going to admit God is calling you to preach?" 

"I give up, LORD! I am YOUR'S!" 

Now, preaching isn't the area God is calling me to that I'm aware of BUT I do know I'm on track with whatever His idea of ministry looks like.  Ministry ... Ladies, listen ... read this very carefully ... Ministry is serving others.  Ministry is ministering to the needs of someone.  Ministry is being Jesus to someone.  Preaching is only a dimes worth a part of ministry.  It is one thing in a sea of thousands of things.  A ministry can be as simple as sitting with your best friend while she tells you her marriage is falling a part ... that moment when you reach across and take her hand to offer her comfort ... when you pray with her.  Ministry isn't just this "gotta get behind the pulpit and preach God's Word today".  Ministry is obeying that command Jesus gave "Love one another as I have loved you!"

So, what is God asking of you? What are you saying "#saywhat  to?

PS ... Yes. I've had to do SOME speaking!  And YES, I'm working on becoming some fancy title within my church denomination.  It will require training. God qualifies those He calls.


  1. Love, love your testimony!! God seems to love doing this to us - surprising us, taking us out of our comfort zone, and using the humble! I love your humility - it is lovely and beautiful and a rare thing to see and hear about!! You are precious and a treasure! I also love your faithful obedience as you say "yestoGod!!

  2. Thank you!!!! Your blog was an answered prayer for me!!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony with us! :) Beautiful!! :)

  4. Love your testimony and how you directly questioned God to really show you that He was calling you into ministry. We so often forget that ministry isn't just preaching, being a pastor,we all are called to minister, to love one another as you said. Yes the ministry more than likely will move us out of our comfort zone. Blessings to you as you continue to journey toward what God is asking you to do. Thanks for sharing and showing the many ways we are called to minister.
    Marilyn V (OBS Group Leader)

  5. Lovely story of a #SayWhat! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Even though you think "preaching" isn't what you are called to, I think all of us do that in our own way, like you say ministry. When we show HIS light, I think that is a way of preaching to others! Awesome write up! Following you via blog hop, hope you can come check mine out and follow me as well coloradoblessedmom.blogspot.com