30 August 2013


I'm a firm believer God talks to us through dreams!

I've had a few dreams over the years where I knew God was showing me something or telling me something. 

NOT all my dreams are from God. Most of them are dreams that my brain manages to piece together from different thoughts or memories. Then the brain weaves it into something that makes NO sense! Haha When I wake up, I'm more tired than I was when I went to bed. 

On occasion, I've had dreams that I knew in my heart they were from God. One of was after my cousin passed away. This cousin had issues. The most honest thief I'll ever meet! He stole my car the day Charles was born. We got it back. Several months past and word came he had past away during surgery out in California. We were given his journal and there was evidence he had surrendered his heart to God. I had a dream one night where he was asking me to forgive him. Of course I had forgiven him! There was a peace that swept over me even in my sleep, in the dream. Another time had to do with Miss Ruby. Miss Ruby is a black lady I picked up one day. Short, sweet, older lady. It was cold and she was homeless. We became friends! One day, I didn't see her any more. Everywhere I went through town, I looked for Miss Ruby. She wore a red hat (fitting!). One night I had a dream. I walked up to this house, walked right in. There was this huge family! All African-American. One of the men came to greet me, as if I were an old friend. I asked him "Are you all Miss Ruby's family? Is she safe?" "Yes, we are Ruby's family, she is safe with us, no need for you to worry any longer." When I woke up, I knew that was God telling me Miss Ruby is back with her family! 

Then there was the dream where God is calling me to join Him in freeing people! In this dream God is beating on this large, rock wall. Similar to the castle in pictures. He's hitting the wall with the butt of His sword. I ask Him "What are You doing?" He turns to me and says "I'm trying to free people from their prison. Will you join Me?" I WOKE up! First, I never saw God's face so don't ask for a description. This dream came after God's initial call on my life. It was a dream of affirmation and a dream telling me what needed to be done by me. There is a saying "Hurt people, hurt people. Free people, free people." 

There have been others! Not many more. However, it was the one last night that is prompting me to write. I won't go into details. I dreamed about two very dear friends who are getting a divorce. I thought about the dream enough today, I sent the lady friend a text telling her about the dream. After talking with her, I know God was showing me a glimpse of what they are both going thru.  It was a dream to prompt me to pray! 

How do I know when it's a dream from God or something my brain makes up? There is something different about the dream God gives. When I wake up, I feel like I've been in His Presence. There's a moving of the Holy Spirit in my spirit confirming the dream is a message.  I'm sure it is different for each person. God meets us on our level and what we are comfortable with. 

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  1. I have had the honor of hearing The Lord speak to me two times. Once in an accident or it was an Angel telling me what to do. the other was during prayer one night. I will never ever forget it.