29 August 2013

Life Interrupted

I was 27 years old when my beautiful little girl started Kindergarten.  I never will forget the day I received the letter from school about behavioral issues.  My idea  at the time of "behavioral issues" was "acting up in class", "talking out of turn", or "running in the hallway".  It was a Wednesday because I remember taking the letter to a friend of mine at church who was a school teacher.  She assured me it wasn't about "bad behavior" but about something the school noticed about my daughter.

I went to a meeting.  I gave permission for them to test my daughter.

In October 2004, I returned to the school for another meeting ... Their discovery.  My daughter was diagnosed with Autism -- Severe.  I was alone.  Her father was at work. It was just me.  Listening to them pick a part my daughter.  I remember the school psychologist saying "We may have to bus her to Briarwood to learn the basics".  "What are the basics?" I asked .... "To learn to eat with a fork and other motor skills."

Life became VERY interrupted!

The children's father and I weren't exactly a team.  We argued A LOT! He had issues. I had issues.  In November 2004, we received a letter from Public Housing (where we lived) that if back rent for two months wasn't paid ASAP eviction process would begin.  Long story short, the kids and I went one direction (to live with my mother who so graciously allowed us to move in with her) and he went another direction that December.

Life became VERY interrupted!

What God has done over the past 9 years IS amazing!

With my daughter she did cheerleading and basketball with the Upward program.  In the 6th grade, she joined the elementary band and plays the clarinet (even today!).  This past summer she went to camp at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center (SKyPac as we all it here) and fell in love with drama.  She's very social able. She likes helping in the toddler room at church.  She loves writing and drawing, especially drawing. 

God has taught me "how to over come".  He's also given me a new perspective on judging people!  Give someone a chance.  Don't always look down the nose at the mom with the wild child in McDonald's.  Don't assume the "wild child" isn't being disciplined!  Sometimes what is deemed by society as "bad behavior" is actually the child's way of communicating.

God has taught me about Himself.  My daughter has a deep faith in God!  His Holy Spirit has worked wonders in her puzzle of a mind!  I'm getting goose bumps thinking about it!  She loves to read her Bible and draws in it.  "Oh, that's sacrilege!"  No.  That's how this girl expresses love to her God!  I'm convinced God gives my daughter whatever she ask of Him!  It's amazing to watch!  She prays and it is as if Heaven gets real quiet and God stops what He's doing to listen to every word she says ... or in her case ... every word she writes!  My daughter has  a "Dear God" journal.  Its filled with her prayers and drawings.  She truly BELIEVES God will do what He says!!

That's the kind of faith God desires me to have!!

With the divorce, God has taught me to trust completely in Him.  The biggest problem is people thinking I need a husband.  Can't they see?  Can't they see God wants to be my everything?  Can't they see how happy my children are?  They don't have to worry about whether Mom's love is going to be divided or not.  Can't they see God wants credit for being my Provider?  Credit for being the kids' Provider?  No, they can't.  I can.  I don't need a man to complete me and make me whole!  No man can!  It's not even fair for a woman to place such a burden on any man.  Only a relationship with Jesus Christ can complete me and make me whole.

Yeah ... God has a way of working things out for the good and His glory!  Those little bumps in the road are just ways of getting our attention.

#stickwith in #yestoGod :) at age 36 :)


  1. Came over from the blog hop. Loved reading this. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for visiting!

  2. Amazing story! I too have a child with behavioral issues and I pray that you will have overwhelming peace and patience granted to you. God gives the special kiddos to special parents. You are unique and special - and God made you that way especially to raise His child!

  3. This is such a great post! I am thankful God has revealed so much to you through all of the "interuptions". I was a single mom for over 10 years, I know God will bless your devotion to him and your child!

    God bless you,
    Melissa S OBS Group Leader

  4. What an amazing story! I'm so glad for your little girl!! God made you her mom for a reason. :) God bless you!!

  5. This was such a wonderful post! I appreciate you sharing so much of yourself with us.

  6. Great story! It's amazing how God meets us in our darkest places.

  7. Thank you, ladies! God IS good and He reveals Himseld thru the interruptions in our life plan :)

  8. How VERY wonderful to see you again, Vivian. What an absolute pleasure. Been too too long. xox

  9. Katie Isabella, my cat's blog keeps coming up when I follow someone. But that's OK. I will always find you. Give your son and daughter a hug for me.

  10. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I can see love in every word! God's love! Blessings and love to you today and always!